If CommandMask VerifyAssetCmd is set, the EstablishConnections implementation shall execute the IAssetRevisionType VerifyAsset Method for each element in the AssetVerifications array. The VerifyAsset Method shall be called on each AssetToVerify, supplying the VerificationMode, ExpectedVerificationVariables and ExpectedAdditionalVerificationVariables as Method Arguments.

The StatusCode returned by the VerifyAsset Method and the values of its output Arguments VerificationResult, VerificationVariablesErrors, and VerificationAdditionalVariablesErrors shall be stored in the appropriate elements in AssetVerificationResults (see 10.6).

Once all array processing is complete, if at least one of the following conditions is true:

then the EstablishConnections implementation shall abort processing of additional commands as described in

The possible StatusCodes related to the command VerifyAssetCmd are formally defined in Table 10. The StatusCodes related to individual verification Variables are formally defined in Table 32 and Table 33.