A ConnectionManager is an optional entity that interacts with multiple AutomationComponents to establish Connections between FunctionalEntities. The ConnectionManager may execute on any Server supporting the OPC UA FX Information Model. In the OPC UA FX Information Model, the ConnectionManager is represented by the ConnectionManagerType that defines functionality and interfaces to manage the establishment of Connections between FunctionalEntities.

Several ConnectionManagers within a network may establish Connections independently of each other. For example, a ConnectionManager on a controller may establish Connections from the controller to its associated IO devices. In contrast, another ConnectionManager on a line controller could establish Connections between FunctionalEntities on the controllers. Figure 9 illustrates possible deployments of a ConnectionManager. It also illustrates ConnectionConfigurationSets, which contain the information needed to establish Connections.


Figure 9 – Examples of ConnectionManager deployments

For a conceptual overview of how Connections are established by a ConnectionManager and the main ObjectTypes used in this process, see 5.5.

This document defines the core functionality of a ConnectionManager with respect to the process of establishing and closing Connections, reporting errors related to it, and the ConnectionConfigurationSets. This document does not define the implementation of a ConnectionManager. It may be implemented as a standalone application that monitors and manages Connections. It may be integrated into a vendor application, which establishes and closes Connections according to the overall application. The vendor application may also monitor the state of established Connections and trigger a re-establishment of Connections.