The Method Calls to establish a Connection require information from the ConnectionConfigurationSets and their components. That information may be represented as PortableNodeId, PortableRelativePath or AliasName. These all need to be resolved to NodeIds (illustrated in Figure 65 and described in Clause 13.3.2, 13.3.3, and 13.3.4). This clause contains figures and text that provide examples to help explain these concepts.


Figure 65 – Configuration resolution

A ConnectionManager will be required to be able to handle all of the possible manners to identify a Node. The following provides an illustration of what needs to be done for each possible Node description in the ConnectionConfigurationSet. It is recommended that the ConnectionManager caches the results of these operations and that they are only performed on initial start-up of the ConnectionManager or when a new configuration is provided to the ConnectionManager. This operation can also be repeated if changes in the model in a connected Server are detected or if an error occurs.