UAFX defines an agnostic application layer from the underlying transport, allowing for implementations using various types of networks (e.g., Ethernet, SPE/APL, WLAN, or cellular networks, including 5G). However, the operation of UAFX requires the underlying communication layer to fulfil a set of requirements to enable IT/OT network convergence and co-existence with other applications. This release of the specification includes requirements for a network station model, bridge component, remote management, topology discovery, and time synchronisation. See OPC 10000-82 for details.

UAFX builds on the IEC/IEEE 60802 TSN Profile for Industrial Automation, which defines a selection of Quality of Service mechanisms specified by the IEEE 802.1 TSN Task Group for use in converged industrial automation networks. Once released, the requirements included in IEC/IEEE 60802 will be removed from the UAFX specification.