OPC UA FX specifies a standardised Information Modeland connection model for AutomationComponents, providing timely data delivery, security, and functional safety. Interactions addressed by UAFX include Controller-to-Controller, Controller-to-Device, Controller-to-Compute, Device-to-Device, and Device-to-Compute. This release of the specification includes Controller-to-Controller interactions. Other interactions will be included in future releases.

Figure 2shows the scope of UAFX relative to the overall OPC UA integration patterns. UAFX extends the existing OPC UA communication solution (e.g., OPC 10000-14and OPC 10000-100) to address industrial automation requirements in the discrete manufacturing and process industries providing vendor-independent end-to-end interoperability of field-level devicesfor all relevant industrial automation use cases.


Figure 2– OPC UA FX connectivity use cases