The OPC UA FX specification is a multi-part document made up of 5 parts.

Part 80 (OPC 10000-80) – UAFX Overview and Concepts

Part 80 (this part) presents the OPC UA Field eXchange (UAFX) summary.

Part 81 (OPC 10000-81) – UAFX Connecting Devices and Information Model

Part 81 specifies the UAFX Information Model and describes how it can be used to meet the communication requirements of industrial automation.

Part 82 (OPC 10000-82) – UAFX Networking

Part 82 defines the general networking requirements for UAFX.

Part 83 (OPC 10000-83) – UAFX OfflineEngineering

Part 83 specifies the data structures used for sharing information that supports the OfflineEngineering of UAFX systems.

Part 84 (OPC 10000-84) – UAFX Profiles

Part 84 specifies the OPC UA and networking profiles required for OPC UA FX compliance.