Definition of Term


Receiver of information. Requests services from a server, usually OPC Tightening system.


The set of external entities working with the tightening system in one way or another, e.g. PLC, MES, etc.


Not part of the tightening system or the OPC UA server; may refer to the automation system, the manufacturing execution system, or other entities.


A joint defines the properties of the point where several parts are joined.


Information provider classified by the services it provides. Tightening system commonly acts as OPC UA server.

System-wide unique

Used in conjunction with identifiers and handles to denote that at any given time no other entity of the same type and meaning shall exist in the OPC UA server with the same value. No further assumptions about global or historical uniqueness are made; especially in the case of identifiers, however, globally unique identifiers are recommended.

Tightening System

The underlying tightening system for which the OPC UA server provides an abstracted view.