This document specifies an OPC UA information model for the representation of a Tightening System. This system can consist of Controllers, Tools, Servos, Memory Devices, Sensors, Cables, Batteries, Power Supplies, Feeders, Accessories, and other Subcomponents. The aim of this specification is to obtain an interoperable interface for higher-level control and evaluation systems.

It focuses on tightening systems and their components as assets and the monitoring of those systems and components, considering existing and emerging standards in these areas, like OPC UA for Device Integration and OPC UA for Machinery.

This version of the specification also focuses on standard structure for results and basic events.

All the types defined in this specification can be extended for vendor, customer or application specific use cases outside of this specification. Any additional information or sub-types can be added on top of the types defined in this specification.

Note: Program and Joint models referred in the TighteningResultType and TighteningResultDataType are not defined in this version of the specification.