The SetPresentedMaterialValidationStatus Method provides a client with an affordance to perform the validation of the PresentedMaterial against the ExpectedMaterials and set the result of the validation in the PresentedMaterialValidationStatus variable.

The method is called by the material integrity agent, i.e. when MaterialIntegrityAgent is External.

The method is executed only when the MaterialValidationStatus is Waiting.

The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 51 specifies the Arguments representation.


SetPresentedMaterialValidationStatus (

[in] MaterialValidationStatusEnumeration ValidationResult,

[out] MethodExecutionFeedbackType ExecutionFeedback);

Table 51 – SetPresentedMaterialValidationStatus Method Arguments




The result of the validation of the PresentedMaterial.


The extended feedback returning a detailed message in case of execution failure.

The material validation is performed checking (1) a sublot, (2) material lot of the sublot and (3) material definition of the PresentedMaterial against each material sublot in the ExpectedMaterials array. When one matches, the PresentedMaterial is valid and its ValidationStatus is set to True, otherwise False.

The PresentedMaterial is compared against a material sublot from the ExpectedMaterials array as follows being valid when all checks are True:


The PresentedMaterial sublot MES_ID is equal to the sublot MES_ID of a material sublot from the ExpectedMaterials. If the MES_ID of a material sublot from the ExpectedMaterials is Null, then the result of the check is true.

Material lot:

If AllowMixedLots is True, then the result of the check is True. If AllowMixedLots is False, then the result of the check is True for the first presented MaterialSublot and for all subsequent MaterialSublots of the same MaterialLot.

The PresentedMaterial MaterialStockStatus is Unrestricted or equal to the ExpectedMaterial MaterialStockStatus. For example, a ripping machine processes blocked material.

The BestUsedBeforeDate of the material sublot from the ExpectedMaterials is not greater than the current date. If BestUsedBeforeDate is NULL, then the result of this check is true.

Material Definition:

The PresentedMaterial material definition MES_ID is equal to an ExpectedMaterial material definition MES_ID. If the ExpectedMaterial MES_ID is Null, then the result of the check is true.

When the material is validated, the machine proceeds loading it. If it is not validated, the IntegrityRejectedMaterialLogType event is triggered and when the PresentedMaterial is unloaded and the loading procedure terminates, the LoadingPointUnloadedLogType event is generated. If the underlying system cannot reject the invalid material automatically, a MaterialUnloadingRequiredLogType event is generated.