The ValidateMaterialList Method transfers a material list to the underlying system and returns the result of the validation, i.e. verifying that the material list is complete and can run in production.

When the ValidateMaterialList is executed, the MaterialList variable is not affected. If the validation is not passed, the identifiers of the materials that did not pass are provided with the ExecutionFeedback.

The validation of the MaterialList normally occurs before the MaterialList is required, i.e. while production is running and using a different material list. As a matter of fact, the ValidateMaterialList Method is used to validate a MaterialList beforehand giving time to the higher-level systems in charge to correct mistakes. Thus the underlying system is required to provide all affordances to perform the validation without disrupting running production orders.

The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 49 specifies the Arguments representation.


ValidateMaterialList (

[in] MaterialListType MaterialList,

[out] MaterialListItemType[] FailedValidationEntries,

[out] MessageType[] FailedValidationMessages,

[out] MethodExecutionFeedbackTypeExecutionFeedback);

Table 49 – ValidateMaterialList Method Arguments




The material list to be validated by the underlying system.


The material list items that failed the validation.


The detailed reasons the validation failed.


The extended feedback returning a detailed message in case of execution failure.