The AssignProductionOrder Method is used to transfer the information of an upcoming production order to the machine module.

The signature of this Method is specified below. Table 31 specifies the Arguments representation.


AssignProductionOrder (

[in] ProductionOrderType POToAssign,

[out] MethodExecutionFeedbackType ExecutionFeedback);

Table 31 – AssignProductionOrder Method Arguments




The production order to assign to the machine module for later execution.


The extended feedback returning a detailed message in case of execution failure.

The successful execution of the method causes the POToAssign production order argument to be added to the AssignedProductionOrders array when it is not already there, to overwrite the production order element in the AssignedProductionOrders array when it is.

The AssignProductionOrder method is executed by infeed machine modules. When the machine module is not an infeed machine module in the current configuration, a negative execution feedback is reported detailing the issue.