The ReleaseProductionOrder Method is used to make a production order available to a machine module for orchestrated execution in a production line (Process Cell according to ANSI/ISA-88.00.01-2010 Physical Model).

When the method is executed successfully, a new ProductionOrderExecutionStateMachine is instantiated for the released production order when not already existing.

When the ProductionOrderExecutionStateMachine is in state Unreleased, the successful execution of the method causes the state transition to Releasing.

The signature of this Method is specified below.



[in] OrchestrationProductionOrderType POToRelease,

[in] 0:String MachineModuleUserName,

[out] MethodExecutionFeedbackType ExecutionFeedback);

Table 109 - ReleaseProductionOrder Method Arguments




The Production Order Header for the Production Order to be released.


The user name of the machine module where the PO is released. The machine module identifier is exposed in the UserName in the MachineModuleConfiguration of the machine module.


The result of the execution of the method.