The following Objects are defined to extend the DeviceType.

The Object LIveStatus of type MachineModuleLiveStatusType contains information about the real time status of the machine module and provides affordances to control the machine module remotely in real time.

The Object Production of type MachineModuleProductionType contains information about the current production order and quantity produced as well as affordances to start/stop a production order and reset totals for the machine module.

The Object SetUp of type MachineModuleSetUpType contains the value of all the settings (including mechanical adjustments) required to run production as well as affordances to validate and load settings for the machine module.

The Object Configuration of type MachineModuleConfigurationType contains the descriptions (metadata) for settings, stop reasons and root causes as well as affordances to make modifications.

The Object Specification of type MachineModuleSpecificationType contains the specification about the machine as currently operating including capabilities, internal buffers and loading points.

The Object PastSpecificationRecords of type FolderType contains the information about the machine as was operating in a previous period of time.

The Object UIInfo contains information about the User Interface (UI) of the machine module. When an Object does not have own UIInfo, then the Object does not require visualisation.

The Object <DefectDetectionSensors> of type DefectDetectionSensorType describes the sensor(s) fitted to the machine module that detect product defects.

The Object <MaterialRejectionTraps> of type MaterialRejectionTrapType describes the device(s) that are capable of rejecting product away from the product flow.

The Object <MaterialLoadingPoints> of type MaterialLoadingPointType describes the loading points and the materials being loaded, as well as the brand integrity checks required.

The Object <MaterialOutputs> of type MaterialOutputType describes the output(s) of the machine module.