A Sercos Parameter includes the device data structure that can be read or written.

All Sercos Parameters obey a defined notation system as naming rule. The corresponding notation is as follows:


For Example: S-0-1301.0.1

The <S/P> specifies whether the Sercos Parameter is a standardized parameter (S) or a product-specified parameter (P). S-parameters are parameters defined by Sercos International and therefore have the same meaning and functionality for all Sercos devices independent of the manufacturer and product type (for more information see Sercos General Overview and Architecture, part 7).

Parameter Set (<PS>) is the set index of the specific parameter. Sercos specifies currently IDNs with parameter set 0 only.

Data Block Number (<DBN>) is the identification number for the parameter.

Structure Instance (<SI>) specifies the index of a structure (array). This serves to address the structure of the same type within one sub-device. There are 255 instances of the same structure possible in one sub-device.

Structure Element (<SE>) specifies the element within the Structure Instance.

The Sercos Parameters of any device can be identified with its 32-Bit identification number (IDN) in format e.g. S-0-0047.0.0 or S-0-0047 (see Figure 1).


Figure 1 – Sercos 32 Bit IDN structure