FeedRateMeasuringInterval defines the measuring interval for evaluating the current flowrate.

FillingTime defines the maximum duration for the filling process to take place. Needs to be completed during this period.

FineFeedWeight defines the volume to be dosed in fine flow.

InFlightWeight defines the volume that is behind the valve/in flight after feeding is stopped.

JogFeed defines if an additional dosage is necessary.

MinimumDeltaPerFeedRateMeasuringInterval defines the minimum amount of weight data which needs to change within the FeedRateMeasuringInterval. Otherwise, the filling procedure is not valid.

SettlingTime defines the time that needs to be passed before the measurement process can be triggered.

TareId defines an ID of tare value for the current product or item.

TargetWeight defines the preset of the volume to be processed.