StartTime defines the point in time at which the system starts acquiring the statistic (e.g. 15:00). This value is relevant for time statistics. For example, it can be used to create statistics for the last 3 hours.

ResetCondition is a vendor-specific, human readable string that describes the reason and context for the reset of the statistics. For example after 4 hours or after 1000 items. Please note that the subtype FloatingStatisticType is used for floating Statistics.


ResetCondition::= “AFTER 4 HOURS”

ResetCondition::= “AFTER 1000 ITEMS”

ResetCondition::= “OPERATOR”

Tare defines the last occurring tare value of the period of time which is used for the statistic.

Throughput defines the number of items registered over the period of the statistic (e.g. packages/min).

TotalPackages defines the totalized number of packages of one cell for weight determination. Contains packages that were sorted out but were physically transported via the scale. This value may be calculated by TotalPackagesAccepted + TotalPackagesRejected.

TotalPackagesWeighed defines the totalized number of packages for which a weight was measured. No reference to acceptance or rejection of the package.

LastItem contains the values of the last item.