The VehicleScaleTypedefines the structure of an Object of the VehicleScaleType. Figure 61 shows the hierarchical structure and details of the composition. It is formally defined in Table 119.

An Object of the VehicleScaleTyperepresents a vehicle scale. It defines additional methods and properties required for managing the vehicle scale.

The following use cases for a vehicle scale exist:

  • Checking the weight of the vehicle (e.g. a traffic check or an overload check) (check vehicle weight)
  • The weight of the vehicle is known and only one measurement is needed to determine the gross weight (one pass weighing)
  • The weight of the vehicle is unkown and more than one measurement ist needed to determine the gross weight (more pass weighing) (e.g a vehicle arrives at a gravel plant full/empty and leaves it empty/full)

Table 118 shows the process of the different use cases:

Table 118 – Proccess of vehicle weighing


One pass weighing

More pass weighing

Call the method registerWeight to get the current value

Call the method OnePassWeighing to trigger an outbound weighing and use the preset tare to calculate Delta Weight

Call the method InboundWeighing if the vehicle arrives at the area and call the method OutboundWeighing if the vehicle leaves the area. The results must be saved in the scale.

If OutboundWeighing and InboundWeighing are stored in the scale the DeltaWeight (as result) can be calculated


Figure 59 – Overview VehicleScaleType