OPC UA Safety supports sending of the basic data types listed in OPC UA within SafetyData (see OPC 10000-3 and OPC 10000-6). The supported data types are vendor-specific.

[RQ6.9] Only scalar data types shall be used. Arrays are currently not supported by this part.

The supported maximum length of the SafetyData is vendor-specific but still limited to 1500 bytes. Typical values for the maximum length include 1,16, 64, 256, 1024, and 1500 bytes.

[RQ6.10] For controller-like devices, the supported data types and the maximum length of the SafetyData shall be listed in the user manual.

[RQ6.11] For the data type Boolean, the value 0x01 shall be used for ‘true’ and the value 0x00 shall be used for ‘false’.

NOTE: It is recommended to send multiple Booleans in separate variables. However, in small devices, it may be necessary to combine a set of 8 Booleans in one variable for performance reasons. In this case, the datatype ‘unsigned Byte’ can be used.