This document supports sending of the basic data types listed in OPC UA within SafetyData (see OPC 10000-3 and OPC 10000-6). The supported data types are vendor-specific.

[RQ6.9] Only scalar data types shall be used. Arrays are currently not supported by this document.

The supported maximum length of the SafetyData is vendor-specific but still limited to 1500 bytes. Typical values for the maximum length include 1,16, 64, 256, 1024, and 1500 bytes.

[RQ6.10] For controller-like devices, the supported data types and the maximum length of the SafetyData shall be listed in the user manual.

[RQ6.11] For the data type Boolean, the value 0x01 shall be used for ‘true’ and the value 0x00 shall be used for ‘false’.

NOTE It is recommended to send multiple Booleans in separate variables. However, in small devices, it may be necessary to combine a set of 8 Booleans in one variable for performance reasons. In this case, the datatype ‘unsigned Byte’ can be used.