The ComponentName property provides a user writeable name provided by the vendor, integrator or user of the device. The ComponentName may be a default name given by the vendor.

The ComponentName of the PowerTrainType provides a manufacturer-specific power train identifier within the control system.

This property is defined by ComponentType defined in OPC UA DI.

<MotorIdentifier> indicates that a power train contains one or more motors represented by MotorType instances.

<GearIdentifier> indicates that a power train may contain one or more gears represented by GearType instances.

Moves is a reference to provide the relationship of power trains to axes. For complex kinematics this does not need to be a one to one relationship, because a power train might influence the motion of more than one axis. This reference connects all axis to a power train that that move when only this power train moves and all other powertains stand still.

The InverseName is IsMovedBy.

HasSlave is a reference to provide the master-slave relationship of power trains which provide torque for a common axis. The InverseName is IsSlaveOf.