This specification describes the VariableTypes RelativeValueType (described in 7.1), which provides a Variable to reference to instances of VariableTypes and the SpatialLocationType (described in 7.2) which must be subtyped to use with the Relative Spatial Location AddIns.

This specification describes Relative Spatial Location AddIns (described in 6.1 and 6.2), which can be added to objects instantiated in an OPC UA AddressSpace to bring these objects in a spatial relationship. Supervision is, that all systems, which need a relative spatial location description for the objects of interest, can use these AddIns in a standardized way.

For a concrete description of a frame, which can be used with the Relative Spatial Location AddIns, the VariableType CartesianFrameAngleOrientationType (described in 7.3) is provided, describing the position by cartesian coordinates and the orientation by angles. Annex B provides a concrete mathematical definition for use of this type.