The use case Device Identification forms the basis for the operation of a Pump and the operators plant asset management, e.g. Documentation Management, Energy Management and Maintenance Management. For this purpose, the Pump shall provide properties for asset identification.

In addition to nameplate information of the Pump, the operator / integrator requires properties to describe its functional role and installation place.

This use case describes the pre-configuration and commissioning of Pump based on standardized manufacturer and operator information. For this purpose, general characteristics about the pump type shall be provided by the manufacturer. Properties that describe operational requirements for Pumps during operation shall be specified by the operator. Additionally, manufacturer and operator information of a Pump shall be compared.

For the integration of Pump in an operator's maintenance management application, the Pump should provide properties for general maintenance and the three strategies breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, and condition based maintenance.

To support asset monitoring, the Pump collects and analyzes operational and historical data (e.g. current values, deviations, performance, wear). Since plant operators require a generalized health status of plant assets, the Pump shall provide a generalized health status, based on the NAMUR NE107 categories.

Additionally, the Pump shall provide maintenance documentation, e.g. for ordering maintenance and wear parts.

This use case specifies all properties that characterize the operation of a Pump (e.g. current measurement and control values). It is based on measurements, events, and further information from the Pump operation. These can be collected and analyzed by the manufacturer or operator. Based on this analysis, Pumps can be reconfigured or updated during operation. In addition, new services can be loaded into the Pump to optimize pump operation.