As defined in OPC 40083, the root node of the specific interface, e.g. an instance of HRD_InterfaceType, set the SubscribeToEvents flag in the EventNotifier attribute.

The client subscribes to events at this root node and receives the events already defined in this specification, such as temperature limit alarms or diagnostic events.

A hot runner may optionally generate additional manufacturer-specific alarms, warnings or information displayed on the user interface of the device and can publish these events via two special AlarmTypes.

Zone-related messages should be represented by instances of ZoneAlarmType, other device information is of type HelpOffNormalAlarmType.

Both are subtypes of OffNormalAlarmType, can be synchronized via ConditionRefresh and contain a Severity for error handling according to OPC 40083.

Messages related to process parameters shall be represented by instances of MonitoredParameterAlarmType (defined in OPC 40083).