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This Property represents the current status of the component. The ComponentStatusEnumeration is defined in Table 2.

Table 2 – ComponentStatusEnumeration Definition

Name Value Description
OFFLINE 0 Component is not connected to OPC UA server.
(Will not be set by component it-self, but e.g. by line control providing Information for the component)
IDLE 1 Main switch on, no heating (also timer not running), no movement
PREPARING 2 Heating timer running, heating active, security check, setting, service mode
READY_TO_RUN 3 Temperature for switching drives on reached, drives ready for switching on
MANUAL_RUN 4 Component is running with manually set parameters
CONTROLLED_RUN 5 Component is running with controlled parameters
MALFUNCTION 6 Component has stopped running because of an error (also emergency stop), no re-start possible
MAINTENANCE 7 Component is maintained

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