For all Variables specified in this specification, the Attributes named in Table 6 shall be set as specified in the table.

Table 6 – Common Variable Attributes




Optionally, a vendor-specific minimum sampling interval is provided


The access level for Variables used for type definitions is vendor-specific, for all other Variables defined in this part, the access level shall allow a current read; other settings are vendor specific.


The value for the UserAccessLevel Attribute is vendor-specific. It is assumed that all Variables can be accessed by at least one user.


For Variables used as InstanceDeclarations, the value is vendor-specific; otherwise it shall represent the value described in the text.


If the ValueRank does not identify an array of a specific dimension (i.e. ValueRank <= 0) the ArrayDimensions can either be set to null or the Attribute is missing. This behaviour is vendor-specific.

If the ValueRank specifies an array of a specific dimension (i.e. ValueRank > 0) then the ArrayDimensions Attribute shall be specified in the table defining the Variable.