This Method sets the Value of components of the AxisConfig Object to the desired value. The security constraints defined in chapter 6.6 apply. Clients must also have locked the parent EncoderChannelType Object before invoking the Method.


SetAxisConfig (

[in] 0:KeyValuePair[] AxisConfigParameters,

[out] 0:KeyValuePair[] AxisConfigParametersResult





Array of 0:KeyValuePair structures containing the desired settings. The key field of each structure contains the BrowseName of one component of the AxisConfig Object. The value field contains the desired value to set for this component and must have the same DataType.


Array of 0:KeyValuePair structures. The array shall be empty if successful.

The array shall contain one element for each failed setting and the Result Code shall be Uncertain (See Table 29). The key field of each structure contains the BrowseName of the component of the AxisConfig Object for which the setting failed.

The value field is encoded as EncoderConfigParameterResultEnumeration and contains one of the following values:

INVALID:The value is rejected by the Server.

NOT_SUPPORTED: The component with the specified BrowseName does not exist.

READ_ONLY:The value cannot be changed.

The Method Result Codes (defined in Call Service) are defined in Table 29. The requested changes are applied if a Result Code with severity Good is returned. Otherwise, no Variable is changed.

Table 29 – Possible Method Result Codes

Result Code



The Method execution was successful. The AxisConfigParametersResult array is empty.


The Server is not able to apply the requested changes due to invalid parameters. The AxisConfigParametersResult array is not empty.


The set of parameters passed in the AxisConfigParameters array is not consistent.


The AxisConfigParameters argument array is empty or there are member type mismatches.


The parent EncoderChannelType Object is locked by a different Client’s Session.


The parent EncoderChannelType Object is not locked. Clients must lock the parent EncoderChannelType Object before invoking a Method.


The user has not the right to execute the Method.


The Server is not able to execute the function because an unexpected error occurred. The Device might be temporarily unavailable or unreachable due to network failure.

If the desired settings do not deviate from the actual settings, the Method shall do nothing and return Good as result code.