Figure 13 shows the structure of the “Diagnosis” sub-aspect.


Figure 13 – Encoder Channel Diagnosis

The “Diagnosis” sub-aspect consists of the “Logbook” Object- and EventTypes offering diagnosis related information.

The LogbookType ObjectType mainly consists of an array of LogEntryDataType structures. The size of the array is always given by the LogbookSize Property. There are additional optional Methods for gaining access to filtered subsets of the logbook and clearing the logbook content.

The LogEntryDataType structure has fields for classification of the event. The EventCode field contains an error number (See Table 69 fault codes), the EventType field classifies the error condition into categories like warning or fault. The EventText field contains a brief description of the event. The EventComing and EventGoing time stamp fields indicate the appearance and the disappearance times of the event.