Table 12 lists possible use cases of interest for OPC UA Clients. Typically, the use case consists of utilization of OPC UA standard mechanisms and data processing at the Client site.

Table 12 – Use Cases and related Companion Specification contributions

Use Case


Companion Specification Contribution

Data acquisition for forwarding to “Data Lake” to enable “Data Mining”

Client applications gather the measurement data available for storage in an IT-based database without predetermined purpose. Analysts further on use the data extensively with continuously refined methods and algorithms to identify the potential for economic improvements.

Providing position, velocity, acceleration, and temperature measurement value Variables as components of the EncoderChannelType Object.

Contribute data for Industrial Internet of Things

Client applications present Encoders, their properties, and their “live” data in an Industrial Internet of Things ecosystem.

Support standardized information model and data for digital twin

Companies offering automation solutions in special domains want to offer their own digital twin products to their customers.

Support predictive maintenance

Gather sensor data accompanying the normal operation enabling analysis algorithms to detect data change patterns indicating coming failures before the failure occurs.

Support Preset Control

Plant operators switch the Encoder into preset mode and set the preset value.

Providing the PresetControl Method as component of EncoderSensorType Object.

Support Ref Control

Motion controller controls the reference latch functionality.

Providing the Ref1LatchStart Method as component of EncoderSensorType Object.

Support Probe Control

Applications control the probe latch functionality.

Providing the LatchStart Method as component of EncoderProbeType Object.

Support Commissioning

Plant operators parameterize the Encoder Object.

Providing the SetAxisConfig, SetControlConfig and SetSensorConfig Methods.

Enhance Encoder channels with semantic information

Plant operators store semantic information providing meaningful additional data for their domain for each Encoder Object.

Providing the SetApplicationTag Method as component of the EncoderChannelType Object.

Obtain and use metadata for measurement values

Measurement metadata like engineering units allow Clients substantially improved understanding and ease of use for the data obtained.

Providing engineering unit and range information by providing 0:AnalogUnitRangeType Variables for position, velocity, and acceleration as components of the EncoderChannelType Object.

Support diagnosis of error conditions

Client applications process a sequence of diagnosis related events generated by the Encoder Objects to present a history of incidents to plant operators.

Providing EncoderDiagnosisEventType Events.

Support logbook functions for diagnosis

Lightweight recording of history of diagnosis relevant events without usage of OPC UA historical data access.

Providing the LogbookType Object allowing access to the Encoder’s fault buffer.

Obtain PROFINET Telegram Semantics

Explore the Telegram Information Model to obtain knowledge about the structure of the Telegram data.

Providing PnTelegramType, PnIoTelegramType and PnIoSignalType Objects in the PROFINET aspect of the Information Model.

Providing Variables representing the Standard Signals of the configured Standard Telegram.

Providing cross-aspect References.