PROFIenergy defines a state model characterizing the state of a device with respect to energy consumption. The services defined by PROFIenergy are grouped into three main classes:

  • PROFIenergy Standby Management allows switching on Energy Saving Modes for unused energy consuming entities during breaks in a standard way. It also allows transitions between individual Energy Saving Modes.
  • PROFIenergy measurement functionality allows the retrieval of Energy Measurement data from a device. PROFIenergy also defines a set of possible measurement values identified by measurement ID’s.
  • The status and administration commands of PROFIenergy allow determining the supported services, retrieval of the PROFIenergy version, querying the properties of the device with respect to energy functions, listing the supported Energy Saving Modes, obtaining the properties of a specific Energy Saving Mode and retrieving detailed status information.