PE Energy Management comprises all services allowing to retrieve Energy Measurement data and all services allowing to change the operational state with respect to its energy consumption: Standby Management and Sleep Mode WOL. PE Energy Management services are offered by devices implementing the PROFIenergy Common Application Profile (See [PE CAP]).

Standby Management comprises the services allowing the switchover of a Standby Management Entity into an Energy Saving Mode, the change from one Energy Saving Mode into another and the transition back to normal operational state. The switchover of a Standby Management Entity into an Energy Saving Mode is only possible if the Standby Management Entity is not in operation.

A Standby Management Entity consists of specific components or functionality of the device or server which are addressed by the Standby Management services. One device or server can have more than one Standby Management Entity.

An Energy Saving Mode is a mode of operation in which energy consumption of a Standby Management Entity is lower than in normal operational state.

Energy Measurement comprises the services to retrieve energy related data from a Metering Point.

A Metering Point defines a specific location or function block to which a set of Energy Measurement values belongs.

Sleep Mode WOL is a functionality affecting the whole device. It allows to switch off a device entirely and to switch on again by sending a special WOL network packet.