Below is a list of possible use cases a PAEFS may implement fully or partly.

Device Identification forms the basis for the operation of a Process Air Extraction and Filtration System and the operator’s plant asset management. For this purpose, the PAEFS shall provide properties for asset identification. An operator/integrator should be able to explore the topology of the PAEFS. All browsable components shall be identifiable.

A PAEFS can be monitored by reading and collecting sensor and operational data. This data collection forms the basis for process planning and job management.

The data may include e.g., operating hours, material supply and energy consumption.

Maintenance management is designed to give the plant operator access to PAEFS-specific maintenance information. A plant operator can actively check the health status of the plant or be notified about problems and errors. This allows the operator to react to impending failures or to proactively plan maintenance.

Device Operation includes turning on and off the PAEFS or one of its components and choosing from different operating modes. Furthermore, setpoints can be configured and methods for controlling the PAEFS can be called.