System which serves the purpose of extracting and filtering process gas; e.g., air. It consists of several filter units and other devices and components.

Subcomponent of a filter system, consisting of other devices and components.

Part of the filter unit that filters solid, liquid or gaseous components from the process gas. Examples are:

  • Wet separator
  • Cartridge filter
  • Automatic roll band filter
  • Electrostatic precipitator

Atmospheric air that comes into contact with a manufacturing process and must be present in a defined degree of purity for the manufacturing process to function or is contaminated with released substances (e.g. solid, liquid or gaseous components) or energy loads as a result of the manufacturing process

Air interface that connects the filter system and the filter units to the process air duct system. Parts of this interface can be, for example, gate valves or check valves.

Device used to remove collected filter material from the filter unit. Examples are: rotary valves or discharge gate valves.

Device for the reduction of filtered materials in separators. The cleaning can be achieved e.g. by vibration, reversed airflow or compressed-air blast (EN 12779:2015).

Device for the application of a filter aid. Examples of filter aids are: finely divided, porous solid material, material for neutralization of gases or liquids.

Component within the filter system which produces the volume flow rate necessary for extracting process gas. Examples are: ventilators, blowers

Component in the filter system for heating or cooling the process gas.

Component that represents a protective device. Examples are: extinguishing systems, smoke detectors, spark detectors.