The information objects identified in Figure 3 are used to describe the information used in the serialization services.

  • SID Class - An SID Class represents information specified by global industry standards, governmental standards or regulation used in representation of a Serial Number in an SID. Each standard or regulation defines one or more SID Classes including the specification of the syntax of the SID and the allowed character set, the internal structure and the intended area of use.
  • SID Class Property - Additional information associated with the SID Class is represented in name/value pairs and defined SID Class Properties.
  • Collection – An abstract class that is a representation of a list of Serial Numbers is defined as a Collection.
  • Serial Number Collection - A representation of a list of numbers from which Serial Numbers may be obtained is defined as a Serial Number Collection.
  • Serial Number - A string of characters with a defined syntax used for purposes of identification to be used for serialization purposes is defined as a Serial Number.
  • Label Collection - A set of Serial Numbers which have been, or will be encoded onto a label, with all the same state and associated to a specific production or packaging run is defined as a Label Collection.
  • Label Property – Additional information associated with a label for a SID Class Property is defined as a Label Property.
  • Serial Number Pool - A representation of a managed collection of Serial Numbers which may be associated with multiple SID Classes, and which have selection criteria defined to allow selection of sets of numbers for specific purposes is defined as a Serial Number Pool.
  • Pool Selection Criteria - A set of key/value pairs which represent selection criteria that may be used to determine what set of Serial Numbers are returned from a serial number request service is defined as a Pool Selection Criteria.


Figure 3 – Serialization Information Model

Note:The model above is different from the Version 1 PSS model, through the addition of a set of optional Serial Number Properties for each Serial Number. This was added to handle the case, such as in Russia, where there is optional additional information associated with each Serial Number which is exchanged information. See Section 6.4.2.