For general information on the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining and OPC UA in general, please refer to OPC 40560.

As explained in OPC 40560, the machine and system category-level documents serve as an abstraction layer for the types of machinery with similar functionalities. Consequently, this machine and system-level document may also rely on models defined in OPC 40563-1.

In the field of mining, rear dump trucks are commonly used for hauling and dumping purposes. This equipment class can be sorted into three categories. The rigid-body rear dump trucks and the articulated rear dump trucks which both are used in underground as well as in surface mining setups. The machine design differs depending on the type of setup. Trucks for underground use are mostly constructed with a low-profile design. Furthermore tractor–trailer units with separately powered trailers and the ability of side-dumping can be used as an underground road train. [1, P. 1147]

This document contains OPC UA type definitions for all categories of rear dump trucks.