This ObjectType represents an abstract type that any mining equipment, machine, system or service can inherit instance declarations from. Therefore, it acts as a blueprint for more specialized type definitions. For example, any type of mining machine,systemor service shall contain an identification Object of ObjectType MiningEquipmentIdentificationType (see Chapter 7.2 to be able to serve identification information and meta-information about the machine such as model name, manufacturer name or machine images. Therefore, any type of mining machine, system or service may inherit from the MiningEquipmentType ObjectType as this abstract ObjectType already uses the MiningEquipmentIdentificationType. Moreover, both instance declarations of the MiningEquipmentType make use of the AddIn-Model defined in OPC 10000-5. Figure 10 shows the hierarchical and compositional structure of the AddressSpace of this ObjectType.


Figure 10 – MiningEquipmentType Overview