The DefaultInstanceBrowseName Variable indicates the BrowseName of any instance of this ObjectType, if referenced using the AddIn-Model described in OPC 10000-5.

The DeviceClass Variable indicates in which domain or for what purpose this mining equipment is used.

The DeviceTypeImage Object exposes device or equipment pictures as variables. There may be multiple images of different resolutions. Each image is a separate variable.

The Documentation Object exposes documents as variables. In most cases they will represent a product manual, which can exist as a set of individual documents.

The ImageSet Object aggregates all UIElement image variables.The UIElement shall specify an image by its name that is also the BrowseName of the image variable. Clients can cache images so they don’t have to be transferred more than once.

The ManufacturerUri variable provides a unique identifier for this company. This identifier should be a fully qualified domain name; however, it may be a GUID or similar construct that ensures global uniqueness.

The Model variable provides the name of the product.

The ProtocolSupport Object exposes protocol support files. They may represent various types of information as defined by a protocol. Examples are a GSD or a CFF file.

Please refer to OPC 10000-100 and OPC 40001-1 for the descriptions of other inherited instance declarations.