The OPC UA Companion Specification Mining is following a modular approach, meaning it makes extensive use of the modelling concepts of type inheritance and type composition. More specifically, type composition is implemented using the AddIn-Model from OPC 10000-7. As further explained in later chapters and parts, any ObjectType definition of mining machinery, equipment, system or service, specified within the machine- and system-level documents of this OPC UA Companion Specification, uses the abstract MiningEquipmentType as its parent type defined in this industry level document. Moreover, any such ObjectType and can further be composed of ObjectType definitions from machine- and system-category-level documents using the AddIn-Model. It shall also be highlighted, that any type definition within the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining can further be extended according to the requirements of the entity (OEM, mine operator, etc.) implementing the type. Figure 8 shows the relationship between the models of the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining.


Figure 8 – Overview relationship between modelswithin the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining