In the mining industry, the increasing demand for machine- and systems-level connectivity and interoperability has led to the requirement of communication protocols that are capable of standardized information exchange. OPC Unified Architecture allows to define instantiable, SDK-agnostic information models, thereby fulfilling this requirement. At its core, the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining provides type definitions for mining machines, equipment, systems and services. Making use of the object-oriented nature of OPC UA information models, similar mining machine and system type definitions may also inherit their common features, such as variables, objects, events etc., from parent types. Furthermore, OPC UA is capable of integrating horizontal (Machine-To-Machine) as well as vertical (Machine-To-Superordinate System) communication patterns and exchanges. An overview of the CS Mining document structure is given in Chapter 4.2. An overview of the OPC UA Companion Specification Mining Use Cases is provided in Chapter 5. These will be heavily extended in future revisions of this OPC UA Companion Specification.