In longwall mining operations, a Shearer Loader, Armoured Face Conveyor, Roof Support System and other components are assembled before longwall mining begins. The Shearer Loader is the main excavation device within longwall mining. Shearers usually use double drum systems with height-adjustable arms. They can be used in seams with a height between 1.5 metres (5 ft.) up to above 6 metres (20 ft.). The drum diameter is typically sized between 0.5 to 0.6 to the size of the coal seam to be extracted. During operation, the Shearer Loader moves bidirectionally along the coal face. After extraction, the coal falls onto the AFC and is transported to the main belt conveyor or alternative transport devices. After the extraction by the Shearer Loader, the Roof Support Shields follow the Shearer Loader and close the new gap at the roof. The RSS advances the AFC to allow the repetition of the cutting cycle. [1, P. 427]

This document contains OPC UA type definitions for the Shearer Loader machine.