If the text part of a value of DataType LocalizedText, like the Manufacturer or the Model of a machine tool, is language neutral, i.e. it is the same in all languages, the locale of the LocalizedText shall be null or an empty string.

For all LocalizedText that have a language, the English version may be provided if possible.

If a type in this specification lacks information for a specific scenario, it is possible to extend the type. This is done in a specific namespace to indicate that it is outside the scope of this specification. To extend a type, a subtype containing the additional information is created. Instances of this subtype can be used interchangeably with instances of its parent type in the overall Machine Tools node structure. As the subtyped object needs to contain all information the parent type requires, all clients using this specification can handle the information of the supertype in the subtype. Clients that don’t know the subtype might not use its additional information though.

This specification provides the possibility to indicate changes in the AddressSpace to a client. Most often this concept is used in list representations, to add or delete Nodes from the list. OPC 10000-3 defines the property NodeVersion and the GeneralModelChangeEventType to indicate such changes. Whenever the address space in this specification is changing, the NodeVersion and the GeneralModelChangeEvent shall be used in the way defined in OPC 10000-3.

As content for the NodeVersion Property, a timestamp of the moment the node structure was changed converted to a string with the format yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.sZ (using UTC time for display) shall be used.