On the machine tool interface, data concerning the tools in the machine tool is available.

In the Machine Tools interface, tools are modelled with the MultiToolType and ToolType and aggregated in a list with the ToolListType.

In the Machine Tools information model, the tool data are constrained to very basic information. Especially all geometric information about the tool is omitted on the interface. This is mainly due to the multitude of different norms for different tools.

On the interface, there are the identifiers of the tools in the machine tool. With these, it can be verified if a machine tool is prepared to execute a certain machining task.

There is also some information about the tool life condition of the tool. The interface will show at which tool life value a warning to change the tool is issued and the tool life limit value at which the tool is intended to be changed.

If there are multiple tools of the same type equipped in the machine tool, the one that will primarily be used in the machining process is marked as planned for operating. Using this information, the tool distribution among different machines can be planned remotely and changed without disturbing the current machine operation.