For a machine operator who works on multiple machine tools in his shift, an indication which of the machine tools has the soonest need of a manual intervention is helpful (e.g. tool change, part change, preparation for the next job…).

To achieve this, the Machine Tools interface offers the possibility to give prognoses for different events. These prognoses can of course only be provided if the machine tool can estimate the time of the respective future event.

The available types of prognoses are: MaintenancePrognosisType, ManualActivityPrognosisType, PartUnloadPrognosisType, ProcessChangeoverPrognosisType, ProductionJobEndPrognosisType, PartLoadPrognosisType, ToolLoadPrognosisType, ToolUnloadPrognosisType, ToolChangePrognosisType and UtilityChangePrognosisType.

On the Machine Tools interface, there is a list of available prognoses, which is of PrognosisListType. It contains all known prognoses with their times to happen.