The following checklist documents activities that should be considered during project execution.

Table 179 – Checklist - Project Execution


Item Description


  • SPCS Vendor should create a project specific MDIS Interface specification for DCS.

    This MDIS Interface specification should be based on documented FEED discussions.

  • SPCS Vendor to schedule date for delivery of MDIS NodesetFile(s) for DCS Vendor.

    More than one date might be scheduled, where each date would provide a NodesetFile that includes additional object definitions. For example, an initial NodesetFile might contain just the first prototype of a well and subsequent NodesetFiles might contain a more detailed well and then multiple instances of the well. Also, some Objects might include additional optional items as the well model is finalized.

  • Schedule date for first MDIS interface connection Test. SPCS vendor, DCS vendor and Operator should agree on test cases for first MDIS interconnection test.

    First interconnection test should cover test cases such as redundancy, time synchronization, performance, etc.

  • Check possibility/availability of an online SPCS OPC UA MDIS Server to support and accelerate interface development.

    Operator to support/provide infrastructure (e.g. use own infrastructure or cloud systems) if link between SPCS and DCS Vendor cannot be established.

  • DCS Vendor to prepare Interface Test procedure. Schedule review cycle for Operator and SPCS vendor.

  • Schedule Date for final MDIS interface connection Test (full project configuration, including sequences and interlocks, etc.).