The ISA-95 Physical Asset Model includes defining the class of physical devices that exist in a system as well as the actual physical devices. These definitions include manufacturing related information for classes of devices and actual vendor related information for instances of physical devices. Figure 27 illustrate this abstract model and the relationships that are modelled in the OPC UA Information model. For a description of the relationship between physical assets and equipment see section 8.2.1.


Figure 27 - Manufacturers and Vendors in Physical Asset Information

Physical Assets can be composed of other Physical Assets. Physical Asset classes describe a general classification of an asset, which may be supplied by multiple vendors, each with unique model numbers. Vendors may have additional information associated with them. Individual instance of a particular Physical Asset would have a serial number that is provided by the vendor that supplied the device.

Figure 28 illustrates Physical Asset Information Model in terms of the OPC UA Information Model. This model illustrates the base Physical Asset model. It further provides an example set of possible subtypes of PhysicalAssetClassTypes and instances of Physical Assets.


Figure 28 - Physical Asset Information Model