The test specification is a definition of a test to ensure the requirements of the ISA95Objects. The test specification may be associated with a subtype of ISA95Class, ISA95ClassProperty, ISA95Object, or ISA95Property.

The test specification is represented as Object and doesn’t define elements that represent contents of the test specification. Thus, third party shall create a subtype of the test specification to describe particular test specification (see Figure 20).


Figure 20 - Test Specification Information

For example, the subtype of test specification might have an Object of FileType (defined in OPC 10000-5) that indicates a file for the document that describes a test specification. If a test specification is stored as a file. This type is sub-typed as part of the individual data models to allow easy identification of the type of test specification being referenced, i.e. Equipment Test specification or Physical Asset test specification. It is envisioned that implementers of ISA-95 Models would create subtypes of the data model specific test specification.