ISA-95 is an abstract specification in that it does not provide any implementation. Other organizations, such as MESA, have created an implementation (B2MML) of the ISA-95 standard. B2MML generated a mapping of the ISA-95 standard that is appropriate for the technology used in the mapping, but the mapping used does not in all cases map well to OPC UA. This specification generates a mapping based on the ISA-95 specification, and where possible it follows the B2MML mapping to allow an easier translation of a B2MML model to an OPC UA Model.

The ISA-95 Model also expects end users to generate a custom model that is based on the defined constructs. The resulting model contains a large amount of information and can require considerable time to develop. The ability to translate a B2MML model to an OPC UA model is an attempt to allow reuse of the extended effort to define a B2MML model.