This standard adopts adding an ISA95 prefix to all ISA-95 defined terms that are used in this standard that are also defined by OPC. The <Term> is the terminology defined by ISA-95. This allows the terminology used in ISA-95 to be easily distinguished from terminology defined in OPC UA.

a concept that categorizes a modelling target defined as a Class in ISA-95 Part2.

Note: It is different than the concept of a Type defined in OPC UA OPC 10000-3, even though the OPC UA Type is also a concept to classify a modelling target and it is similar to a concept of class used in OOAD.

a concept that represents Equipment, Personnel, Physical Assets, and Material defined in ISA-95.

a concept that represents characteristics of a modelling target defined as a Property in ISA-95 Part2.

Note: The semantic of the ISA95Propertyis similar to Propertydefined in OPC UA, but the model structure is different since an ISA95Propertymay have a Referenceto an ISA95TestSpecificationand an ISA95TestResultand such Referencesare not allowed in an OPC UA Property. An ISA95Property more closely matches an OPC UA Variable, which is allowed to have children.

a concept that represents an attribute of a modelling target defined as attribute in ISA-95.

Note: It is different from a concept of Attributedefined in OPC UA, where Attributeis a concept to represent information of a NodeClass. ISA95Attribute is represented as VariableTypein this standard.

UML<Term> is a terminology defined in UML. In this standard, terminologies used in UML are described in this format to distinguish terminology defined in OPC UA and ISA-95.