The maintenance staff would like to use the productivity of used devices to determine the characteristics of the device during the period of use and the number of failures to obtain a statement about plant availability.

The maintenance staffs receive data on the operating time and the failure times of the connected devices.

The data are generated in the IO-Link Master and updated on the OPC UA Server.

The IO-Link Master records for each connected IO-Link Device

  • the duration the device is connected
  • the duration the device has communicated without error
  • the duration the device was not communicable
  • how often the device has been plugged in
  • how often the device has been changed
  • how often the device was not accessible

The master cyclically updates the data on the OPC UA Server and stores it persistently.

  • The data has a resolution in seconds.
  • The duration refers to the time of the last reset (usually during commissioning).