FDT is a technology supporting the data exchange between field devices and automation systems. The technology is based on an interface specification standardized as IEC 62453. The specification defines two main concepts: Device Type Manager (DTM) and Frame Application. A DTM is a software component specific to a field device type. A Frame Application is a software environment (part of the automation system) for integration of DTMs. Within a Frame Application every DTM provides data and services specific to the respective field device. Since the technology is based on a standardized set of interfaces, every DTM may be integrated in every Frame Application. Based on FDT it is possible to integrate communication devices, communication infrastructure devices (e.g. gateways) and field devices, depending on their communication protocols. Support for different communication protocols is provided by means of supplemental communication protocol specifications (e.g. for PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet IP, TCP, HART and FF) or by means of manufacturer-specific protocol integration.