OPC 30090: Field Device Tool

Released 1.01


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1 Scope 2 Normative references 3 Terms, abbreviated terms and conventions 3.1 Overview 3.2 Abbreviated terms 3.3 Conventions used in this document 3.3.1 Document conventions 3.3.2 Conventions for FDT methods 3.3.3 Conventions for Node descriptions Node definitions Additional References Additional sub-components Additional Attribute values 3.3.4 NodeIds and BrowseNames NodeIds BrowseNames 3.3.5 Common Attributes General Objects Variables VariableTypes Methods 4 General information to FDT and OPC UA 4.1 Introduction to FDT 4.2 Introduction to OPC Unified Architecture 4.2.1 What is OPC UA? 4.2.2 Basics of OPC UA 4.2.3 Information modelling in OPC UA Concepts Namespaces Companion Specifications 5 Use cases 6 FDT Information Model overview 7 FDT specific OPC UA ObjectTypes 7.1 General 7.2 FdtDeviceType 7.3 FdtFunctionalGroupType 7.4 IFdtDeviceHealthType Interface 7.5 IFdtSupportInfoType Interface 7.5.1 Overview 7.6 Document types 7.6.1 FdtDocumentType 7.6.2 FdtDocumentFile 7.6.3 FdtDocumentUrl 7.7 FdtProtocolType 7.8 FdtTransferServiceType 7.9 FdtIoSignalInfoType 8 OPC UA EventTypes 8.1 Overview 8.2 FdtAuditEventType 8.3 FdtStartMethodEventType 8.4 FdtEndMethodEventType 8.5 FdtAuditWriteUpdateEventType 9 OPC UA VariableTypes 9.1 FdtParameter 10 OPC UA DataTypes 10.1 DataRefType 10.2 FdtDeviceClassificationType 10.3 SemanticInfoType 10.4 Enumeration datatypes 10.4.1 AlarmType 10.4.2 ApplicationIdEnumeration 10.4.3 ClassificationDomainId 10.4.4 ClassificationId 10.4.5 DocumentClassification 10.4.6 FunctionExecutionResultState 10.4.7 IECDatatype 10.4.8 RangeType 10.4.9 SignalTypeEnumeration 10.4.10 SubstitutionType 10.4.11 SupportedTransfer 11 OPC UA ReferenceTypes 11.1 HasIOSignalRef 12 Mapping of DataTypes 12.1 Primitive data types 12.1.1 DeviceHealthEnumeration 12.2 Mapping to OPC DI Types 12.2.1 Device Type General Mapping for DeviceType (“Types” standard Object) Mapping for Offline Device (“Objects” standard Object) Mapping for Online Device (“Objects” standard Object online reference) 12.2.2 TopologyElementType 12.2.3 FunctionalGroupType 12.2.4 Identification FunctionalGroup 12.2.5 Device Data and Device Methods 12.2.6 Methods General TransferServices 12.2.7 Variable General FdtParameter General Datatype mapping 12.2.8 Device Support Information Device Type Image Protocol Support Files 12.2.9 FdtIoSignalInfoType 12.2.10 FdtProtocolType 13 Profiles and Conformance Units 13.1 Conformance Units 13.2 Profiles 13.2.1 Profile list 13.2.2 Server Facets Overview FDT Base Server Profile FDT General Server Facet 13.2.3 Client Facets Overview FDT General Client Facet 14 Namespaces 14.1 Namespace Metadata 14.2 Handling of OPC UA Namespaces Annex A (normative) FDT Namespace and mappings A.1 Namespace and identifiers for FDT Information Model Annex B (informative)Use cases B.1 General B.2 Use case: List topology B.3 Use case: Identify device B.4 Get list of available device parameters B.4.1 Use case: Browse device parameters B.4.2 Use case: Get attributes of a device parameter B.5 Use case: Get Device Status B.6 Use case: Get Device Diagnostics B.7 Read parameters B.7.1 Use case: Read offline data B.7.2 Use case: Read online data B.8 Use case: Write device parameters B.9 Use case: Audit trail